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China’s war on coal continues — the country just canceled 104 new coal plants

Because China is such a behemoth, its energy decisions absolutely dwarf anything any other country is doing right now. Case in point: Over the weekend, the Chinese government ordered 13 provinces to cancel 104 coal-fired projects in development, amounting to a whopping 120 gigawatts of capacity in all. To put that in perspective, the United […]

Corruption guided award of huge Amazon dam contracts in Brazil

Brazil’s BNDES is the largest development bank in the world, with annual disbursements of US$50 billion.  It’s enormous, poorly managed pay outs to Amazon dam projects have fuelled mass corruption.  This is Part 1 of a 5 part series profiling the bank. The Lava Jato (Car Wash) scandal has rocked Brazil and its presidency.  Beginning […]

Fossil fuels receiving over 9 times more finance than renewable energy from world’s top banks

The world’s 25 largest private sector banks channelled at least USD 931 billion into fossil fuel companies in the period 2009-2014, according to a new report launched today by Fair Finance Guide and BankTrack, while over the same period the banks’ financing of renewable energy totalled USD 98 billion. Alexandre Naulot, spokesperson at Fair Finance […]

Sustainable development goals: what business needs to know

Which goals are key for businesses? What sectors do they address? Will they make any difference? We read all the 169 SDG targets so you don’t have to Ahead of the formal adoption of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit this weekend in New York, Guardian Sustainable Business asks: what […]

What Does Flat CO2 Pollution Mean?

A week ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) dropped a bombshell: Global greenhouse gas emissions produced by burning fossil fuels for energy last year were the same as they were in 2013. That marked the first time in 40 years that energy-related emissions were flat while the economy grew. The announcement flew in the face […]

Oil Can’t Compete With Renewables, Says National Bank of Abu Dhabi

You wouldn’t expect a bank in the oil-rich Middle East to be touting the future of renewable energy over that of oil.  But that’s just what the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is doing with its new report, Financing the Future of Energy: The opportunity for the Gulf’s financial services sector. Aimed primarily at […]

Fact or Fiction?: Geoengineering Can Solve Global Warming

A global deal to combat climate change lurches toward reality in Lima, Peru, this week—and yet any politically feasible agreement will be insufficient to restrain continued warming of global average temperatures, perhaps uncomfortably high. Although recent pledges by China, the 28 countries of the European Union and the U.S. are the first signs of the […]

How solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century

To achieve that vision, IEA reports call for clear, credible consistent signals from policy makers The sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear, according to a pair of reports issued today by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The two IEA technology roadmaps show […]

Large Dams Just Aren’t Worth the Cost

THAYER SCUDDER, the world’s leading authority on the impact of dams on poor people, has changed his mind about dams. A frequent consultant on large dam projects, Mr. Scudder held out hope through most of his 58-year career that the poverty relief delivered by a properly constructed and managed dam would outweigh the social and […]

Norway’s oil fund ploughs forward in renewable energy investment

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, is set to increase its exposure to renewable energy. According to the WWF, the size of the pension fund means the move has the potential to have a global impact. Erna Solberg, Norway’s prime minister, confirmed measures to increase the fund’s investment in clean energy as […]



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